" My daughter was mesmerised by the children's yoga program we attended hosted by Cristin. At age two and a half, she sometimes needs to move from one activity to another pretty quickly, but Cristin's approach was so creative, so cheerful and so..."

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What is yoga?

Yoga enhances physical, mental and spiritual well-being!  Using physical postures and breathing, yoga creates balance, energy and vitality, which open the heart to feeling fully alive.

Although there are many styles of yoga, hatha yoga is the style most commonly practiced in the West. Hatha yoga focuses more on the physical body, with postures or poses that help us to stretch, twist, balance and concentrate, as we breathe and relax. The poses strengthen the entire body, improve flexibility, develop balance and enhance circulation.

In addition to physical benefits, yoga develops an aware and focused mind. With practice, you notice your strengths and weaknesses, where you are relaxed or tense and your feelings, needs and desires. This awareness helps you become more accepting and mentally clear and strong - ready to face the world!

Yoga brings a whole range of benefits at any age, but starting at an early age, the practices of yoga - asana (poses), mudra (hand positions), pranayam (breathing) and meditation – create healthy, happy, aware children. In addition, the mindful, supportive environment and non-competitive spirit of yoga help them feel safe and accepted.