" I thought that you did a wonderful job of connecting the kids to yoga poses and philosophies through familiar, but frequently changing, themes such as animals. Thanks for being so conscientious and an inspiration to the children. "

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Bizzy Bee Yoga courses

Bizzy Bee Yoga offers three different levels of courses:

  • ‘Bizzy Bee Yoga Babies’, for babies as of six weeks old
  • ‘Bizzy Bee Yoga Tots’, for children from the time they can crawl until they are around two years old
  • ‘Bizzy Bee Yoga Kids’, for two- to four-year olds.

In the first four years of life, physical, mental and emotional development happens at a very fast rate. Having three course levels allow us to provide the most appropriate environment for the various age ranges, ensuring that children can feel at ease while learning and having fun.

All Bizzy Bee courses use play, songs and games in order to teach yoga. At the same time, our teachers guide the parents or caregivers as to how yoga can be incorporated into their daily lives (e.g. morning stretches, quiet time for reflection).

How are the courses structured?

Each course has eight classes and each class lasts for 45 minutes. The classes have an informal, fun atmosphere and are held in child-friendly surroundings so children can safely participate, at times observe, join the group when ready, and generally be part of a positive group experience.

Since it is important to keep the children focused, the teacher/class interaction is almost entirely with the children. That said, it is hugely beneficial for the parent or caregiver to follow the instructions too. This not only provides an excellent example for the children, but also means that the adult will be better equipped to repeat the poses with the child at home, and reinforce what is learnt in class.

During the classes you will find out more about:

  • the benefits of yoga, including interesting research findings
  • what you should expect in terms of results, and what elements can impact your child’s learning
  • yoga basics, including how to do specific yoga poses for certain benefits
  • tips on getting started with yoga

We offer unique support materials for our courses, which are key to reinforcing children’s yoga in the home, school or day care environment.

What goes on in a ‘Bizzy Bee Yoga Babies’ class?

The poses and yoga techniques covered in ‘Bizzy Bee Yoga Babies’ classes are very simple, and concentrate on helping babies be comfortable and aware of their body.

Classes usually take place in a circle, on the floor. The teacher first demonstrates with a doll and you then work one-on-one with your baby. Babies are on their backs, on their tummies and at times held.

Classes include gentle movements, some massage, eye contact and songs. Some props, like bubbles and toys, are used to stimulate babies’ attention. By the end of the course, you will know basic baby yoga that can be practiced regularly at home, as well as ways to make tummy time fun. You will also be better able to aid and encourage your baby as he or she learns to push up, sit, crawl and eventually stand.

This class is for babies from about six weeks until they can crawl.

What goes on in a ‘Bizzy Bee Yoga Tots’ class?

‘Bizzy Bee Yoga Tots’ classes incorporate fun and movement, so the children gain awareness of their bodies and start to develop control and strength. It goes without saying that classes are livelier than the ‘Babies’ classes!

We start in a circle, move through the room during class, and end in a circle. Classes begin and end in a specific way, as these transitions are important for children to feel comfortable. We incorporate lot of singing, call the children by name and use lots of positive reinforcement to help them explore the fun of what their bodies can do. We ask that adults sit on a yoga mat (either next to their child or sharing a mat with them), and participate as fully as possible. The children can observe at first and then join in once they feel ready – many children in this age range learn by watching and by repetition, so we don’t push them to participate, but let them participate as much or as little as they feel comfortable.

Many elements are repeated from class to class, allowing children to become familiar with the movements required, and build up their skills until they can successfully do specific, developmentally-appropriate poses.

This class is for crawlers and walkers up to approximately two years of age.

What goes on in a ‘Bizzy Bee Yoga Kids’ class?

‘Bizzy Bee Yoga Kids’ courses are more complex, challenging the children’s self-awareness and awareness of others as they gain strength and coordination.

Classes are more structured, and each class teaches new poses. We still incorporate songs, stories and themes and try to work with the children’s imaginations to help them experience the yoga poses through sensory information, modelling, some assistance and humour.

Through the poses, breathing and relaxation, we aim to provide the children with a full range of experiences – from the most active to the most restful. This helps them understand and appreciate just what is possible in terms of their own physical ability as well as their general behaviour. We add more detail to poses, work with breath awareness, start with some anatomy and guide them in longer relaxation at the end of class.

As in the ‘Babies’ and ‘Tots’ classes, positive affirmation is a key element, and in the ‘Kids’ classes, we also encourage those children who are ready to lead and ‘teach’ the others when appropriate.

This class is for children approximately two to four years old.