" I thought that you did a wonderful job of connecting the kids to yoga poses and philosophies through familiar, but frequently changing, themes such as animals. Thanks for being so conscientious and an inspiration to the children. "

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Why yoga for children?

Child in tree pose

Children of all ages love and can do yoga, and learning it is fun and engaging. Yoga for children is playful, in order to subtly infuse a positive sense of self. The classes are more dynamic and noisy than adult yoga classes as they use a creative approach (incorporating bubbles, songs, toys and games) to teach in a way that takes children’s concentration and energy levels into consideration. This creates a vibrant atmosphere where they feel at ease and enjoy learning about themselves.

Physically, yoga helps children develop body awareness and it enhances strength needed for physical development. The poses for children are basically the same as those for adults, but are adjusted to be developmentally appropriate. Poses are taught in parts or in a simpler way. For babies, the movements are very simple, slow and repetitive, and songs are used to help reinforce the movements. As children get older, the poses gradually get more complex.

But yoga offers more than just another chance to play or exercise. Children are not immune to stress - from being born under bright hospital lights, to breathing polluted air, and starting school - yoga offers a welcome break. It provides a relaxing, safe and non-competitive environment. Yoga keeps them healthy, builds confidence, and helps maintain their natural radiance.

By taking part in a Bizzy Bee yoga course, your child will experience the many benefits that yoga can bring. You never know, you might just be able to nurture a true appreciation of yoga that your child will carry through to adulthood – what a gift that would be!