" I thought that you did a wonderful job of connecting the kids to yoga poses and philosophies through familiar, but frequently changing, themes such as animals. Thanks for being so conscientious and an inspiration to the children. "

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Even babies can do yoga. It can ease fussiness, aid digestion and generally relax them. It also has immense benefits for their body awareness and development.

Babies and toddlers do yoga poses naturally. Teaching them yoga enhances their natural abilities and gives them a fun physical challenge.

Teaching children yoga gives them valuable gifts for life. These include physical strength and balance, mental courage and awareness, as well as the ability to be calm and focus.

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Benefits of yoga

  • Enhances physical and mental development
  • Develops body awareness and strength
  • Offers family fun and lifelong skills.

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Bizzy Bee yoga cards

  • 'Yoga for children' made easy
  • Enhance learning and memory
  • Fun games and songs to deepen the experience

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Bizzy Bee yoga poses

  • Learn basic poses, appropriate for babies, tots and kids
  • Understand the benefits and teach the poses to your child

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